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Small Hackathon

The main focus is on hackathons with prizes from $1000 to $3000. You can easily participate from one person.

All the time

Multiple Hackathons with various protocols are held at AKINDO all the time. Feel free to contribute to the ecosystem at any time.

Community Connections

Builders are maximally valued by their continuous output. Make ongoing connections and build an ecosystem.

coming soon

Proof of your

Your contributions to the web3 ecosystem are engraved on-chain and can be earned as Soulbound Tokens.

It becomes self-sovereign data, allowing you to prove your experience everywhere.

Let’s build the ecosystem to get work in better terms.

Create a developer
community through

If you want to expand the ecosystem of your project, AKINDO’s hackathon is the right answer.

Create ongoing connections with developers and make your project a moonshot.

AKINDO’s hackathons are the perfect way to nurture and decentralize your ecosystem.

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